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We as a church believe in prayer. Victory Worship Center has Groups of people who watch this prayer wall and pray specifically for each request. You can post your prayer below and pray for other requests too. You can also choose if you want your request posted on this wall or just sent to us privately.

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Good morning, i need prayer please on 05/10 found out im pregnant however doctors say is not a normal pregnancy and that my body will get rid of it, i had appt. on 05/16 the baby sac was to big for 4-6 weeks and if it was 9 weeks of pregnancy should be able to see a heart beat but they don't second appt. was on 06/01 now they can see two sacs one had what appear to be the fetus which it didn't appear on 05/16 (first appt) neither the second sac still no heart beat, doctor said there was no changes from last visit on 05/16 which i disagree and left very confuse i do see changes second sac was not in the ultrasound before and no fetus either now they do appear i believe it is too early on my pregnancy and small changes are happening for some reason my instincts tell me my pregnancy is ok and just need to wait a little longer for doctors to see my baby\babies development i will skip my next appt. and schedule a second one later on on the month i pray to god everything will e for the best im not scare if i have a miscarriage i just feel the doctor is wrong with the time frames so i refuse to take any medication to stop pregnancy if it is ill let my body do it on its own and hopefully prove doctor wrong is just a miscalculation, but im no expert i just feel in my gut i should wait little longer if you can help me pray for my pregnancy to go well and with gods help and your prayer i know miracles exist. thank you

Received: June 3, 2018