hope to the captive

Bridge Prison Ministry at Victory Worship Center has been operational since 2007. Taking the gospel inside prison walls and impacting the lives of men and woman in miraculous ways.

Bridge Prison Ministry is geared towards the success of prisoners, ex-prisoner and the families of the incarcerated. Provides guidance and support to inmates transitioning from incarceration to successful restoration into the community, family and reconciliation to God. The vision for Bridge Prison Ministry is to see the ex-offender establish a firm foundation with Jesus Christ and live a transformed life as he or she becomes a productive member of society. The overarching goal of Bridge Prison Ministry is to decrease the revolving door of recidivism.

Through the pre-release and post release programs offered by Bridge Prison Ministry, participants are successfully reintegrating from life behind bars into society. Rebuilding their lives, finding employment, safe housing, family reunification, and restoration back into the church and community.

Pre-Release Programs
  • Video Stream Church Services
  • Pre-Release Reentry Program
  • One-On-One Visitations
  • Mentoring Program
  • Letter Writing
Post Release Programs
  • Aftercare Mentoring
  • Meet Me at The Gate
  • Care Package/Hygiene Products
  • Resources and Placement for Housing
  • Securing & Maintaining Employment Training
  • Men, Woman, & Families of the Incarcerated Support Group
  • Angel Tree Gift Giving
  • Community Re-entry Team:  Bridge Churches

"I was in prison and you came to visit me."

Matthew 25:36