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How do I become a Groups Leader?

First, thank you for wanting to be a Groups Leader. We’d love to have you be a part! To become a Leader, you will need to fill out a Groups Leadership Application. As part of the application process, we do complete a background check. This is to help provide a safe environment for our church members who would be interested in being a part of your group. Next, you are interviewed by a member of our Groups Coaches or Pastoral Team to have a discussion about the kind of group you would like to lead and to learn more about you. After the interview, you are invited to be a part of our four week training session for Groups Leaders. The training sessions are done once prior to the Fall and Spring semesters. Download and fill out our Groups Leader Application right here.


How will the church help me with the Group I lead?

Groups are based on the interest of the Group Leader. We have groups for business owners, single moms, young adults, young professionals and young married. We also have groups for those working through their grief or life struggles, as well as groups that have a passion and desire to grow in the Bible, Prayer and more. When you meet for an interview, you can discuss the kind of group you would like to lead.


Do you help with curriculum we would like to use for our Group?

The church will provide you with small group leader curriculum for the study you desire to use. If the particular group study is in our current library, we will be happy to lend it to you for the duration of your group. If you would like to use a small group curriculum that we do not have, we will purchase the Leader Kit for your use and to add it to our library for any future group’s use as well.

If you choose to focus on discussing Pastor’s sermons in your group, you can access the leadership resource’s at our Facebook Group to download weekly discussion guides with questions and scriptures from the weekend’s sermons.


How long do I have to commit to leading a group?

We ask that our leaders commit to a semester of leading. We have a Fall Semester and a Spring Semester. Our fall semester begins in late August and ends on November 30. Our spring semester begins the first week of February and ends on May 31.


How will the church help me with the Group I lead?

Each leader is assigned to a Coach. Your coach will be your champion as you begin your group. They will help you with ideas, struggles and challenges you may face as you lead your group. Plus, they will encourage you in Leadership Development and growing your group.


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