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You are created in God’s image.

No one has a more giving heart than God. Just how generous is He? He gave us His only son. Scripture tells us that we are created in God’s image – we are created to resemble Him. When you give from your heart, your steps sync up with God’s ongoing purpose. You become connected with God’s heart and the world outside of yourself to something you were born to do.


When you give, your focus changes.

When you give you become a part of something bigger than yourself and your perspective is changed – and that is no small thing. A change in perspective can change a life. Typically, when you give something away, you lose it, but when you give it to God and His purposes, that gift actually turns into something that has eternal impact. Giving is an investment in God, other people and yourself. Investments like that carry no remorse, because they come from the soul.  When you give, you plan to share your life and resources for the greater good.


You can give anonymously, but you never give alone.

The gift that you give back to the Lord in obedience, makes you part of Victory Worship Center’s calling to further the Kingdom of God. Not only do you help us cover the expenses involved in being a round-the-clock house of worship, you invest in a purpose that will outlast all of our lives. Your contribution joins that of other believers to do things that individuals can’t do alone and it opens your heart to God’s influence in your financial decisions.


By giving, you become a part of something bigger than yourself.

At Victory Worship Center, your contributions help the local and global community. They help keep the doors open, the toilets clean and the floors vacuumed. Even more than that, your contributions allow us to create a place for people to gather and worship God; a place the churched and the un-churched love to attend. God sees your heart, God knows your sacrifice and the result is He is glorified. His Kingdom is furthered, the mission advanced and YOU can be a part of it!

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